Hamdam Rehabilitation Charity
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  During a pilgrimage and recreational tour
Girls of Hamdam were special guests at Narjes charity in Shiraz for one week.
Date : 11/3/2016
  I praise your goodnessand your affection with love, my dear daughter
Your black hair knows the secret of the night even you have to cut it. Your eyes remind me the innocence of a deer’s eyes. Ahuge treecan grow from your body.Your heartbeatis the song of birds’ life. I know about your sorrows in this special day, which is named just for you “daughter’s day”, but your parents are not here to embrace you. You are sustainable as well as the Himalayas!
Date : 8/4/2016
  Goodbye to the best month of the year
When the sun rises on the day of “Eid-al-Fitr” , it’s like all human beings have reached perfection in love. This day started a new season in everyone’s life for worshipping God.Just open your eyes; then listen to the sermon “Oh God, God of greatness and glorious…”
Date : 7/5/2016
  When everyone is waiting for an old friend;
Someone is sad here…
Date : 7/5/2016