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Hamdam Art Gallery
A banquet hall with an area of400 square meters and with the aim of dual use (sports for the disabled and exhibition) was constructed in 2009 based on decisions made by the board of directors of the charity in the southern part of the charity area that all costs were supplied by a group of donors and Dr. Sohrabian designed this building too. This hall was opened and started operating for the first time in 1391 with the attendance of benefactors. This place is used for two objectives; exclusively for this center kids’ sport activities and in general it is a place for ceremonies, celebrations, especially in Ramadan, holding photography and painting exhibitions and also craft fairsin all seasons of the year.
Therefore, all governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations as well as companies
and industries can contract with us for holding any cultural and artistic event with having the aforementioned features.
Translated by: Raheleh Shariat 


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