Hamdam Rehabilitation Charity
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Dr Zahra Hojat, born in 1957 in Mashhad, graduated in Dentistry from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in 1982, started working in her own private clinic.
At the same time, according to her husband’s job, who wasworking as an expert in psychology and rehabilitation in Mashhad Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Organization, she got familiar with the problems of the disabled and started working as a dentist in Ghods Rehabilitation Center in 1992 under the supervision of MrJafarShirazinia.
She has started working in a dental clinic in HamdamFatholmobin Charity Rehabilitation Center for the disabled patients in line with the sacred profession of medical sciences since 2003 and this was the motivation to work full-time.She was appointed as the manager of the organization by the board of trustees and managers and has been giving the service in this position since 2005.She proudly dedicated her service to the loved ones around the clock since then.
Translated by: Farhang Bohlool


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