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According to the law of Welfare Organization and Article 26 of State Financial Regulations approved in … by Iran Parliament, licensing charity activities is the responsibility of Welfare Organization, and this institute and its centers under its auspices are among the mentioned collection.On the other hand, according to pre-definedtargetsreferred to in paragraphB of Article7of the Statute ofthe Institute, mentaldis ability charities maintenance tasks refers to the maintenance and rehabilitation centers which gives primary medical care and nursing day and night and totally it leads to relative autonomy of people with disabilities in the community.
These services provide social and educational opportunities compared to normal people in the society. This institute with the help of Welfare Organization and assistance of the donors supports nearly 400 mentally retarded girls into boarding and day-care maintenance and gives them their needed training. Most of the girls in this institute are unidentified and they are accepted by the order of judiciary authorities. In addition, thefinancial and moralsupportof families of clientsis also one ofthe goals of theinstitutewhichwillexpandin the future.
What distinguishes this institute with other private centers is that the private institutes receive financial support from Welfare Organization and they also receive tuition fees from their clients whereas charity centers continue to survive on the cooperation of the donors and those who help around the country.
Translated by: Farhang Bohlool


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