Hamdam Rehabilitation Charity
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Circadian center; “a small house”
This section has a capacity to care 15 clients and the number of existing clients in this part is 15 at the moment. Mentally disabled people under 14 years with an IQ of 55 to 69have all services such as having kindergarten, schools, and rehabilitation clinics in some places out of the charity and in addition to these services they receive training in various fields of development, including cognitive, perception, motor skills and communication, behavioral and games skills on a twenty-four-hourwhich is doneby trainers.
 The circadian, daily, shelter departments with a capacity of 135 people is responsible for education, rehabilitation and caring of high educable and low teachable clients, that 35 people of these children who have high IQs receive educational services in the normal or even special schools.
Acceptance of these children is done through the adoption and coordinationof Khorasan Razavi Welfare organizationbased on priorities such as sort of their disability, age, gender, family status, that most of themhave no parental care or guardian so they are directed to the administration of justice and then lead to this charity.
 Translated by: Raheleh Shariat 


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