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Report of Farshine workshop
Just imagine that all people’s heart is covered by a kind of carpet. Of course their heart’s carpet is not the same. Some of these carpets are so rough and lifeless,when you set foot on that hurts youand others have soft carpets full of delicateness, love, and peace that we like to sit long hours on their carpet and enjoy them, the same as our daughter’s heart carpet, gifted girls in Hamdam. 11 art students have sat around a table in a pleasant, airy and bright classroom in the workshop. The table isfilled with the bustleof colorful threads; red, yellow, blue, orange, purple and so on. No trace of desperation and confusion, even for balls of yarn. Noiseless and disharmonious sound of needle which ties thread into the pattern of lines catches my attention. Doors and walls of Farshine workshop are full of Farshine with different designs and colors; snowman, flower, sheds blossom on the grass and even fantasy designs with rich and warm colors. Our girls have sewn seasons on them too.
Patient and calm trainer Ms. Sheibani says Farshine weavingis the same as old sack making;it needs special needle and delicacy with accuracy. She selects different designs depending on students’ ability, from simple to complicated and then gives them; sometimes she makes them responsible for choosing their own colors. Of course, once in a while, they don’t have sufficient skills and need to be reminded that they have a new plan. The trainer patiently reminds them what is necessary for. Art students are able to do fine works very well and can learn professional training skills. They are now interested in this kind of art and enjoy their work.
Sakineh, talented student at the workshop knows carpet weaving and is skillful at Farshine weaving too. One of the girlshas been spending months-long project for weaving Paisley (Botte Jeghe); the ancient design and decoration, full of mystery and joy and humility Iranian immortality reminds us also of eternal heat. Another student has designed a downcast horse which is unfinished and must sit waiting for it.
When I want to leave the workshop, I look at the students and their work again. All are busy. The balls of yarn roll slowly and rotate and the kind students’ hands push needle fondly into the sack.
Translated by: Raheleh Shariat 
 Farshine: It is a kind of textile floor covering. 


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