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Fatholmobin School
Backpacks of affection
When schools started to work, it does not matter which school is it? Where is it?
Wherever it is, a hubbub of their laughter and shouting spread all over. Children with their colorful bags and their special uniforms would be seen everywhere. At that time, in the morning our girls appear in Fatholmobin School too. They are so eager and happy to learn. Their backpacks are full of purity and kindness, with lively colors and life.
This school has 130 students; 6 years to 60 years old, with different levels of IQ; high, average, and low educable (EMR) students and a few of them are trainable (TMR) students. The school has 10 classes;the name of each is a name of a flower: Acacia, Sunflower, Lily, Anemone,Narcissus, Violet, Jasmine, and a class called Dew.
There are 12 students in Acacia class who are from 6 to 12 years and trainable. They are trained basic cognitive skills and self-help skills. Special trainings; the practice of self-help is done in Sunflower, Jonquil, and Lily classes.Some of the girls do vocational training such as weaving washcloth, tablecloth, braceletmaking, and etc.
Most of self-help trainings including improved ability to perform personal tasks and taking care of themselvesare offered in Anemone, Dew, Narcissus, Violets and lily classes.Of course, some of the students have higher IQ so they have special training too. 
Girls of Hamdam spend a happy day with programs scheduled from 7:30 to 13:30 at Fatholmobin School. Every Morning, after taking a shower, they do exercise from 8:30 to 9 be present with more energy in the class. Sometimes they go to the gym for having competition; drawstringcompetition, playing with a ball,… and each group tries to win. Then, after doing exercise, they  stay in the class to 11.30 and learn adequate training. Then, eat lunch and change their clothes and go to the dormitory.Ms. Yavar is a school psychologist, she evaluates the girls of each class once during three monthsalong with a coach andbased on these evaluations consider appropriate trainings for girls.
Besides trainings, our girls have entertainment programs, for example; they go to Imam Reza Holy Shrine, have birthday parties, go to the park, cinema, zoo,… They enjoy a lot. It makes a memorable day for them.
Before, the educable and trainable girls were in this school with each other, but now, after the foundation of Shahidbuilding the educable girls moved to there.
Hamdam is a home and a school for girls who want to learn, study, and be the best one even with having physical or mental limitations. Their good teachers with patience and good manner that a gift of God, move with their daughters step by step, take their hands, and then talk with their eyes… here, the hearts are with each other and talk to each other; because, only some can hear the voice of quiet and beautiful angels.
Translated by:zohre peyravi  (edited by:raheleh shariat) 


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