Hamdam Rehabilitation Charity
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Hamdam clinic and infirmary
Duties and responsibilities:
Supervision of the medical cares, daily management of the patients, along withphysicians to complete their medical records.
   - To inform the doctor of the clients’ needs and solving their problems as much as possible.
  - To change shiftsand submit a written report to the nurse of the next shift and receiving it from the last shiftduring the whole day shift.
  - The assessment of clients’ health and submit the written report of any change to the rehabilitation team during the shift
  - Monitoringthe general hygiene of the center
  - Control on nursing equipment accuracy to declareany deficienciesor defectsright on time in order to correct them.
  - Monitoring the clients’ care such as bathing, eating and...
  - Performing nursing cares include monitoring and recording the blood pressure and vital signs continuously, and if necessary bandage, changing the urine catheter, injections, drips transfusions, etc.
  - Monitoring and assessingthe drugand the treatment, according to plenty of side-effects of drugs for the disabled.
  - Recording all doingsand determination of care plans and completing the medical records.
  - Controlat the expiry date of the drugs.
  - Training tips about personal hygiene for both clients and staff.
  - Perform other duties which are referred by the authorities.
Translated by: Raheleh Shariat 


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