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Now the old childhood friends,each onelives in a corner of God’s heaven and earth. The old alleysdo not remember the sound of their happiness while running, but their goodness has been durablesomewhere in the memory of the groundforever.
January sixteenth anniversary of the martyrdom of Hamid Shahid was an opportunity to speak with one of his friends and his comrades; Dr. Seyed Morteza Ehteshem-Far. He is the director of health donors meeting of Khorasan Razavi province and executive consultant of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences in today.He accompanied with Hamdam for a few moments and said of those days.
"I and Hamid were childhood friends from the same neighborhood. We were four friends (me and Hamid and Mr. Hossein Ramesh and Mr. JafarFayyaz) we have been usually with each other in the joys and sorrows. We were volunteer members of Jihad-Sazandeghi In younger days. We went to the villages around the city and we helped the farmers to harvest their crops. Until one day, said Iraq attacked Iran! We registered for going to the front line so we went along the trucks that were takingpublic donations to the front.
Honestly though war is a violent incident and bring destruction but it has left intimacies, accompanyingand memorable memories for us. Our days were filled with violence and blood and death, but beside that there were pure affections. You may not believe there were such poor facilities during the early days that we ate just dry bread and cheese; of course, that situation became much better by government planning and public donations. I remember Hamid kindness that once he had gathered amount of 400,000 Rialduring his visit to Mashhad from shopkeepers and his relatives to bring back with him. We had left this amount of money in the drawer at the headquartersand when a fighter wanted to see his family and had no travel costs, Hamid gave him the money with due respect to make the trip.
I remember in those days a letter was sent to us as the higher commandsthat you can make a request for having your necessary salary. We considered that as a joke because no one thought about monetary problems in such condition and all attended there lovingly and bravely. One of the things which are very close to a man in the front line is death. On the day of operations we were still all together until due to armed conflict everyone scattered and on the same day Hamid became martyrand our search to find his dead body was useless.
But his memories werealive in our hearts forever until some time ago I had a visit of Hamdam and I get to know a friend who has a Hamid’s family name. When I realized that Mr. Ahmad Shahid is Hamid's brother, I became so happy and all old memories were revived after thirty years, to know Hamdam charity is a great success to me.Anyway, we all pass away one day and only our charitable deeds will be remained and a prosperous is a person who can do anything for others before death and of course your charity takes steps in this way. Hope God bless you all... "
We are indeed grateful to Dr. Ehtesham-Farfor his time and hope martyr Hamid Shahid to mediate his comrades and all of us in the resurrection day. His memory cherished.
Translated by: Raheleh Shariat 


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