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Sunny days for Mahtab

 Sunny days for Mahtab
Mahtab is 16 years old and she is the eldest child of her family, but her parents haven’t got a birth certificate for her and for her younger siblings too.
The eldest child means to be both mother and sister for smaller children, always worried, always anxious. Many years ago her father was a bus driver and sometimes he was far from his family and they had a good life.But now father and mother both have fallen into the trap of addiction. Her father has become a labor and mother is street peddler now. Relentless fire of addiction has burned maternal affection and paternal support.As far as the dreams of her childhood and adolescence with all its beauty and naughtiness have destroyed cultural because of poverty and the lack of kindness.
Mahtab has never gone to the school with her mother's hand in hand; she hasn’t experienced the sweet taste of any class and teacher’s lesson, her mother's warm hand, hasn’t made her cold autumn morning warm. She has never a classmate to hop and play on the way from school to home. She grows up gradually and becomes taller and taller without any childishjoy, only some bruises are remained on her body and her soul due to her parents anger, of courseat first addiction had bruised her parents’ soul. Mahtab knows that God never leave them alone and always is on their side, and now their house is not safe anymore, so with the guidance of a benefactor, who knows their situation, calls (123) emergency and gets help. There is no choice! Her father looks at her with begging and questioning look and says: “Mahtab! Are you leaving? Ah? Mahtab?"Mahtab closes her eyelids… She is hesitant, so her hands are shaking. She puts her hands around her father's neck and father embraces her firmly. Mahtab and her siblings are taken to different centers. Now Mahtab is in “Hamdam”; a home for living peacefully and of course for being educated.
Her parents sometimes visit her and they have promisedto quit drugs and remove the thick smoke of addiction from their house. They have promised to be safe and secure for themselves and their children.
Mahtab readsbeautiful reciting for her friends and Hamdam’s guests;in a tone that sometimes shows both sadness and joy together: “A prophet passed by our house... It rained. My mother said: what raining. My father said: it is the spring and we didn’t know rain and spring were another name for that prophet. Our kind Mahtab with her pleasant voice stars in the choir of this center, and because of her athletic talents was successful in the table tennis competition that held in last November in Gorgan.
She loves this home, although nostalgia is always with her… those days in her paternal house. The house must have been a "home", where a place full of thick smoke...She remembers how much loved her parents and how much she hated the addiction! It’s really difficult for her to talk about those days...she is looking forward to good and breezy days… she is looking forward to sunny days... the days for all...
Translated by: Raheleh Shariat 
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