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Tahmine;ever blooming flower (marigold)

 Tahmine;ever blooming flower (marigold)
Pigeons, don’t abandon their chickens in the shrine, but in the world of people, a two-year-old girl is left among pilgrims’ prayers and pilgrimage. She sees an unclear shadow that goes away with her poor eyesight. She reached out toward the long silence around and grabs shrine sky. People leave their children, but God won’t leave them alone.
In her records there are just a few papers that mention she has been left behind in the twentieth of April 2001, somewhere around Imam Reza holy shrine and Samen judicial headquarter has taken her to Narges rehabilitation center as adumb, deaf, anda weak eyesight girl. She was sent to Ali Asghar orphanage due to her age and after a few years of her childhood; she entersinto her new home at Hamdam charity through Social Welfare Bureau, no suitcase in hand, without clear memory with a name borrowed from the past.
Somewhere along this journey, she is called “Tahmine” and through all these years, social workers’ efforts for searching some clues of her family remain result less. Eventually, after issuing her birth certificate, a member is added to the family of Hamdam charity in 2006.
Her share of the world is a small seat in the corner of the training class beside her new sisters. During the day, the rest of the girls are laughing, screaming or talking with trainers but Tahmine neither hears nor speaks. She touches. When she wants to know everything, she touches it with hands with all her being. She hears, sees and speaks with her fingers. And at night in the silence, she dreams all her wishes like all girls.
For a long time, her trainers thought she was suffering from a severe mental retardation due to her behavior until her reactions to training plans and her curiosity for understanding the surroundings caused to change the all views about her!
When "Helen Adams Keller" was a year and a half, she was suffering from meningitis and lost his sight and hearing. Years later, that situation was very unpleasant for her family because they were aware that due to the dual disability of their child, there is no way to communicate with her. Helen was imprisoned in her body and she couldn’t satisfy her needs and her dreams of fame on her own.If someone was trying to teach something to Helen, they faced her intense persistence. When a person wanted to punish her, she threw herself on the ground and made loud noises from her larynx that was intolerable! Shewas slamming her head into the ground, which was her greatest weapon and all became frustrated and then they left her alone to do whatever she wanted to do.
The first word that Ms. Sullivan, her teacher, taught her was "water". Once Helen’s trainertook her to the garden and put her hand under the tap water. As the cool liquid poured on Helen's hand, she spelled out the word "water" on her other hand. Helen felt it was time to come out of darkness and ignorance and she saw everything in the lightninggradually. Tahmine’s trainers were inspired by this story, poured a little water on her hand and then they wrote on her palm with fingertip "water". Surprisingly, she immediately wrote on a paper with marker "water".
And this started a new chapter in her life. Now Tahmine with IQ; between 50 to 70 is one the capable girls of this charity. Despite her weak eyesight and lack of hearing and speech, she has been successful in vocational training activities which need a suitable eyesight and great care such as; pearl embroidery, tablecloth weaving with the machine, making bracelets and so on. She makes them very well and with elegance.She cooperates with cleaners in the cleaning programs of the bed-chamber and she is very precise and clean.
Tahmine has learned a lot from Nayyere (a woman who is deaf and dumb, but she can speak with some practices and now she is the manager of the sewing workshop) since she has gone to this workshop and she is trying to learn sign language. Here, beside these girls we learn to face with others without predetermined judgments. Due to the efforts and rehabilitation committee planning, in the presence of special trainer who can give more time for her, she will be able to read and write.
Nobody knows what is going on in her seemingly quietworld;doesshe hear some voices in her sleep? Does she confabulate with someone?The world has a lot of unansweredquestions. However, in her life there is something like season changing; an abandoned girl with multiple disability has now beentalented and capable and her smile is reflected on this page. She hasmade great happiness from such small world with all weaknesses. The red color is redder and blue is bluer. She reminds us ever blooming flower (marigold)… Spring with all its colors is on the way, the season when the birds return to their nests and here is fullof amen ‘so be it’. Remember to fill our pockets with seeds of kindness.
Translated by: Raheleh Shariat 
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