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A relieved breath

 A relieved breath
(For the respect of the family secrecy, nicknames are used.)
Sometimes people evenafter marriage carry part of their loneliness. At the same timethey want to have their own pleasures, and be a spouse, mother or father, and that is the beginning of some conflicts. When Mojgan (R-B) was born in the Fall of 2006, her house was stormy. The music which could be heard at her house was the scream of her parents and break of the Chinese porcelains in the décor. This was the beginning of the world for her. Why do we human beings have children? In family trainings, which part of life belongs to having children? Essentials? Entertainments?Events? Long-term deposit?
The little girl of our story was born handicapped because her mother became pregnant at the age of 40 and she was also addicted to drugs and alcohol. During her childhood, she underwent three open-heart surgery and two bowel obstruction surgery which added lots of expenses to her family. Mojgan was four years old and at the same time she was using Roshd Training Center classes. Her family gradually found out about her disability through doctors, but they had a good understanding of their daughter’s problem and one of their good behavior was accompanying her everywhere and not to hide her from people. Perhapsthe only reason tostaytogetherwerechildren, but at the sametimethere wasa dispute betweenthe parentsand theydecided to divorce.
Mother, who had neurological problems, was a barber and father and her older sister were also working out of the house, so Mojgan was alone at home most of the time. One day when her father and sister came home they faced an empty home. Mother had taken everything and left.
At that time, her father had a heart surgery and their financial problems were more than before. Mojgan’s older sister had endured a difficult situation which was hard for a teenaged girl and had tried to commit suicide several times. Because of the absence of the mother and lack of life facilities, father didn’t know how to solve the problems. Both he and his daughter had to work in the hotel day and night. Mojgan’s sister continued her education through distance learning and had to work to make a living and pay for her education. On the other hand, Mojgan had also to be kept. Problems cast a shadow on their lives and it was like a long night; there was no hope for sunrise. But in the meantimeevensmall hopecanbuild a largeevent.Fatherbecame depressed andwasn’tin good condition.On the same daythere was a suggestion froman acquaintance. Her father became familiarwiththedeliveryand maintenance ofrehabilitationcenters forchildrenand it was theonset ofwhatis beautiful.
Mojgan’s mother who still occasionally has very little connection to family rejected and said that children need families and should be at home and not in the institutes with unclear deals. She said this as if she is in the house and their house is full of love and affection. However, after legal processes Mojgan was sent to Hamdam.
Early days for her is like entering a new world! Her solitude was filled with fabric dolls, but now around her was filled with a lot of girls like her sisters. Like fairy tales that wishes to come and break out and change the world of people. But Mojgan is still living in the past. She does not communicate with others and refuses to listen to her new mothers. Her mode makes it sound as if her face is always "no" and "do not" in itself. After coming to the institute and thorough examination and under psychologists’ supervision, she was registered in primary school despite her Down syndrome and average IQ. She gradually started to shoe better behavior. She improved in her speech. Her problems were due to early puberty and behavioral abnormalities, with medication and therapy became somewhat better and establish better relationships with others.
Inevitably her family,which were forced to transfer her to the Institute, were surprised seeing positive changes in behavior. Her father was so surprised that he could not believe how accurate they handle her problems! By coming to the institute, a heavy burden from her family was removed. Her parents can work safely and are sure that her daughter lives in a safe house. They miss each other and her parents come to visit her separately. 
Somewhere in the middle of the night, his father at work, and for a moment to wipe sweat from his forehead and laugh at her daughter’s face and pat her hair in his imagination. Her older sister, tired of work and study, take out her photo from the middle of the book and kisses. Her mother thinks of Mojgan’s eyes before she eats her pills. 
And in the middle of the night, she wakes up and looks around, she wants to tell her dreams to someone. But all are asleep…
Translated by: Farhang Bohlool
Date : 4/2/2016 Share This News :    

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