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My name is Sanaz! Sanaz

 My name is Sanaz! Sanaz
I’ve been here! In most departments and parts of this charity! In different workshops, classes and then they took me to another part when I became sick.  
I’m very kind, I like all people; babies, trainers. Just I have many unanswered questions which annoy me a lot. For example, these parents! That some people have parents and some do not. Most of the time I scream, maybe my parents can hear me! I think they are very far! I told my trainer I want to be with those children who go home after school. Most of the time I sit here;near the entrance door on this bench and see people who commute. Sometimes other girls bother me and I tell them whenever my father and mother come, I’ll show you how they love me and I’ll say about it! I don’t know what I want to say; maybe I say anything because those girls are innocent too.
I like sweets and chocolate very much. I like sport too! I like to run all the time. I like to jump up and when I’m down I want to be in my father’s hug. I want to travel somewhere; I know we can forget many things during a journey…
I asked them to print my photo here that if my parents see the magazine they know I’m here. 
Anyone startsNew Yearwith something new but I start with a repetitive thing; the waiting...
My name is Sanaz! Sanaz!
Author: Ali Naseri
Translated by: Raheleh Shariat 
Date : 4/2/2016 Share This News :    

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