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Narrated by a moment

 Narrated by a moment
With pink and green coats in the back of the room stood impatiently in a queue. They are waiting impatiently to be their turn so that the social worker calls one of their relatives in order to talk together. Full of nostalgia with sad faces to go into the room and come out smiling and vice versa.
Some of them couldn’t talk as there was no one answering the phone. Those who talked to someone look as if they are given the world, jumping up and down, and climbing up the stairs with happiness. 
One of the girls in the line asks another one, “Who are you going to call?” The other one said, “To my mother”. Her friend laughs loudly and says, “You don’t have mother”. The girl starts crying and pounding her fist into the wall, saying, “I have, I have …”.
The queue goes forward slowly. The voices can be heard in the room. Each of the girls who came out of the room, her words remain in the corner of the room, like a colorful butterfly flying from the lips of the girls, wondering there”
“When are you coming to see me?” “You are always saying the same thing”.
“How is mom?”
“I’m so depressed …” “Uncle Reza, do you have any news from my brother?”
“Where did you say you are …?” “I am always thinking of you.”
“Can you get the permission letter to take me home, I will feel good …?”
“My sister told me I lost weight, is she right?” “Does Daddy ask about how I am?” “What happened to the suitor of your daughter?”
“My brother, I love you so much.”
The queue becomes short and each time a girl gives her turn to another one in order to be the last person in the room …Finally, it is her turn. She knocks the door hesitantly. Social worker's Looksat her with a tired smile. The girllooks down and plays with her headscarf corner ... room air is heavy.
The social worker knows that she has no one except the God. She looks at her in silence. A phone with nostalgia looks at her. Time doesn’t pass. Out of the room, out of the center, apparently everything is fine; People live. But inside the room the time machine got stuck in the girl’s scarf… The girl who just wants to talk to someone.
Author: Ali Naseri
Translated by: Farhang Bohlool
Date : 4/9/2016 Share This News :    

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