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My daughter’s eyes are lost

 My daughter’s eyes are lost
I looked everywhere. Talat helped me. She is like my sister. We became old here. She says those who are better than us picked it up, but I don’t believe it. I think Mahin picked it up, because she has no child and she is jealous of mine. 
If I had her closet’s key, I would look for it there. I am sure she left it there. But since she is hiding the photo in her closet, she hangs the key around her neck. I noticed she went toward her closet secretly this afternoon. She took out the photo and looked at it. Something fell from her face on the photo. She cleaned the photo and returned it to its place…
I don’t know. I want my daughter’s eyes!!!! If she doesn’t give them back, I will tell the manager. But what if she doesn’t have them? Let me see. My uniform with one less button looks beautiful and no one notices. I just don’t know my daughter likes black eyes or not?!
I hope her mother is sacrificed for her.
Translated by: Farhang Bohlool 
Date : 4/9/2016 Share This News :    

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