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When everyone is waiting for an old friend;

 When everyone is waiting for an old friend;

Someone is sad here…

When the guests are supposed to come, everyone is sure that is the right time to visit. Someone is coming to meet our girls, but this time the story is different. They say: “Roshanak”is not a guest. In fact, she is a host who is going to visit Hamdam charitynow; in the heat of these days in the spring. When she enters, older girls walk toward her and newergirls smile at her. They all know that this guest is an old friend of Hamdam. Roshanak lived in Hamdammanyyears ago. In those days, she might not even think about today, one day, she left this house to live in a happy house. Now she has two children, they are healthy and call her "mother".

Time of falling in love;

00.00 o’clock, this time has special meaning for all people around the world. They call it “time for living”. Maybe one day, Roshanak; the old girl of Hamadm who is about 50 years old now, has fallen in love and she wants to talk about this special time with her close friends.


As soon ,as she comes in, everyone greets her; watchman, gardener, and all girls in Hamdam.

She is their old friend. Roshanak had been living here many years ago. Due to her mental and neurological problems, her family wasn’t able to take care of her that’s why she became resident in this rehabilitation center. She spent days and hours in this building.

She says: “After all these years, I still miss here and I want to be in Hamdam again among all girls. I can’t forget here and all good days of being together!”


Memories of Hamdam

When she walks in the administrative sector, she reviews her memories, and when she meets other girls, she knows most of them. She has come to remember those days. She wants to see Golrokh and Masoume who were her close friends. They embrace each other very tightly. She says: “Golrokh is my best friend. I’ve livedherewith her for years. Sometimes I’d like to come here and review my memories in Hamdam”.

We are fine...

All girls in Hamdam are fine. All are happy and smiles due to see their old friend even those girls who don’t know her. You can smell the fragrance of love everywhere. Roshanak says: “I hope one day all girls become happy and live among other people in their society and be more delighted like me.

Roshanak talks about her 24-year-old boy and her 19-year-old daughter eagerly and laughs at me. They call her “mother” and make her so happy with this word.

Someone is sad here…

She goes next to the wall of Hamdam to take a memorial picture. She wants to look at this picture whenever she misses here. She takes the picture and then she goes her own home… she won’t forget her memories in this charity, never.

 Translated by: Raheleh Shariat 
Date : 7/5/2016 Share This News :    

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