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The sound of 2-year-old crying girl had filled the space of the orphanage in the small and warm city.
Cry as if waiting for someone to take steps. Perhaps she was expecting to meet her mother...
A man and her wife beyond the walls of the orphanage, in the corner of their small house, were making a big decision. They liked to change an impatient girl’s cry, to laugh;a shout of laughter. They wanted to do something for theirquiet life and for their life after death... Now the orphanage’s little 2-year-old girl had mother and father as well. Now the man and woman behind the walls of their quiet home, had a 2-year-old girl, and a world full of laughter... Parvin’s father and mother had already heard the crying boy’s sound who was looking for his mother’s warm embrace and father's affectionate look... loving hearts had gathered a family around each other. A family was born, with all its beauty, joy and sadness, sweetness and bitterness in a corner of a small town; father, mother, sister and brother....
Parvin and his brother with their childish games along with their kind and compassionate parents spent days and nights. They grew up and became taller... eye to eye...despite Parvin had a mild disability, supported by her family. They all loved her. Disability does not make up their affection for Parvin low.
After the passing of the days and moments, her mother passed away because of her heart disease and Parvin and her warm and friendly family became alone. Her father couldn’t tolerate the loss of his wife and after one year he died too. Now brother and sister becamepartner and compassionateto each other.
But the concern of a great happening made looking after of Parvin a little difficult. Brother had accepted at the university! After starting his studying and forming his own family, he took Parvin to one of their relatives’ house to take care of her. However, he was very careful about Parvin not to feel grief or need. After a while, the brother decided to entrust her to Hamdam rehabilitation center, a safe and comfortable home for Parvin and 400 other girls....
Now it is a few years that Parvin lives here. His brother is her sides and always meets her and takes her to his house to remind Parvin having a family and reunion beside his wife and two children, so this taste is always fresh to her; not only for her but for himself too because Parvin has been his childhood playmate. He has experienced the taste of having a sincere and friendly family at her side.
Parvin besides being a calm and elegantgirlspeaks very well, clearly and carefully. She says: "My parents were very affectionate with each other, loved each other. My father died due to my mother’s death. When he was sick, I was taking care of him, I cooked something for him. When he wanted to die, he said to my brother “be careful with Parvin and don’t leave her alone... don’t let her be lonely."
Parvin talks about her family proudly. She is proud of her family. Parvin says: "I have also five stepbrothers. I love them and they love me too. Although their house is far and they must come from a town, but sometimes, more at various festivals come to see me and take me with them. They are elder than me. I am the only daughter of the family. "Parvin says this statement like a naughty girl with a smile on her lips.
The studious girl of our houseis understanding and polite. He is assistant trainer at Hamdam charity and can teach the other girls and help the trainers to regulate and organize girls. Like other girls her days are planned and regulated. Parvin says: "I always pray and fast during this holy month that is Ramadan. I pray for all, I pray for my brothers and their children to be healthy".
Although Parvin has a familyafar that everymoment think about them, but wishes to have a family... the family that day, amidst her unseen weeping and begging, entrust her to the orphanage and… that father and mother that she belongs to them with all her heart.
If by chance, you go to a nursery and hear continued crying children’s sounds, listen a little closer, with all your heart, listen... any of these fine and endless sounds fine that fly toward heaven, talk to you; listen! They invite you to infinity.
Translated by: Raheleh Shariat 
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