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The lights are offin the dark and silent streets! All is quiet. Listen! There is no sound. Shadows come and go and disappear.At the heart of the city, there is an alley that its lightsare always on, the light is in the kind and warm heart of a girl among all good girls of this city… in the twilight,we know her place very well; in the brightness. You can follow the trace of her unwritten homework and her undone games, then get her permanent address... to that reclusive place... into her heart. Her homework is not the same as other students; no rainy weather, no decision, no hasty horse, and no soaked man. But a little rain is always on all her notebook’s pages, with her depression, her hidden anxiety, and on herempty tablecloth. She has seen rain on her brother’s homework too.
And sometimes her old father’s feeling causes Talat lose in herself unexpectedly, and she finds herself in her mother’s embrace again; a graceful, loving and patient mother. Talat missed her mother suddenly on the way back to the charity and shed tears. Her mother said: "As long as I'm alive, Hussein must go to the school" and when Hussein said calmly and cheerfully"Thank God, sometimes my score is 20 out of 20" how she was proud of him.
If you belong to this house, you can follow the traces of rough and always fresh woundsof the life and come to see the wrinkles on her father’s sunburned face. Alleys of our city know her father's footsteps as well. He looks weary but imposing when he’s looking for some waste materialon the street and her mother turns red and says: “I feel embarrassed to talkabout their father’s job”. Her mother has seen long nights that Hossein and Masoume with the bitter taste of poverty go to bed and then sleep.
But if you belong to this house, you can realize that her father’s gratitude and kindness wortha world: “may God bless you. Thank you. I wish I could do someday. Your work is indeed valuable in the sight of God.”
In the dark and silent streets and familiar slopes of this city,Talat’s family withtheirtears and smiles has an eye to the future, leaving behind all seasons; they are looking forward to the spring in their tiny butalways warm house.After passing the winter and with the coming of spring, you can celebratethe new year along this family; set the Haft - sin table with the rich blessing for all seasons.Spring is on the way, you can be all for these bare hands and then be full of pink and white blossoms. Spring will bring some people who can donate brightness to Hossein, Talat, and Masoume’s smile and follow the light to infinity... to God, even if they don’t belong to this home.
Translated by: Raheleh Shariat 
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