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Physical therapy (physiotherapy) consists of two parts that are meant to treat body and soul by using therapeutic exercises and electric devices to improve the body movement, reduce pain and prevent deformity and ameliorate skeletal - muscular body deals.
Physical Therapy refers to all treatments of damaged parts of the body due to disease, accident and any problems.
Physical therapy and body movement therapy are possible with various ways that the movement therapy is the best method. According to experimental physics is the one who needs therapy because the injury is whatever is more appropriate to move voluntarily and in some necessary occasions using different kind of medical helps are needed, such as IR. This device warms up a muscle and blood flow to accelerate, leading to easy move. In physiotherapy, massage and correct breathing are very important.
Due to the numerous weaknesses that patients have at this center, corrective exercises must be appropriate to any physical damage such as kyphosis, scoliosis, loverdos, and flat feet.
Therefore everyone has a kind of illness that mostly leads to a kind of deformity, in fact, being in three bad situations which is called Brepscher (means a bad position in sleeping, sitting and exercising) so the planning exercise physiologist based on a series of corrective actions on the affected system actually leads to improvedclients’ physical conditions, decreasing thesense of depression and ultimately ameliorationtheir body's physiological systems.
In addition to the different therapeutic modalities, hydrotherapy has been very responsive to clients in an isolated section especially the clients who are spasmodic.(Has severe contractions or cramps in muscles-hyperten).
Basically, before the implementation of any technical programs and specialized physiotherapy / occupational therapy, someone who is in charge should take advantage of hydrotherapy to ease this kind of treatment even they can use hot water bottle in the absence of a hot water massage pool.
Translated by: Raheleh Shariat


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