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Public Participations
Hamdam “public participation” department is a section which many of the important things are done there, providing the needs of girls is the most important activities of this section.

Ms. Kakaei and Ms. Asgariansay about some activities in this department: "attract donors and most importantly, keeping in touch with them and collect public donations is our most important tasks. We also coordinateall ceremonies which are held for the kids of this charity. Sometimes donors contact us and ask about whatever these kids need to provide. We inform them about the essential needs immediatelyand the rest happens. We are in contact with a lot of compassionate benefactors, for example, someconfectioners provide cake for birthday parties or some other ceremonies for these kids and other benefactors who are working withfruit and vegetables producetheirbasic need for fruit. Whenever we announce one of the needs of thesekids there is always someone to provide it! For example, we had a great need to have mattresses for “Sara-e Mehr”. We couldn’t afford that and we were thinking that the phone rang and a woman who was not in Iran, asked “what do you need now?” and we immediately said: “mattress”. She coordinated and bought mattresses by self and sentthem here. “Public participation” department has worked for the establishment of the charity, but not to this extent. It was previously done manually, but now it is done by computer system. Charity needs are provided here. People directly supply some needs. Sometimes there is non-cash assistance that we guide donors to provide the daily needs of the charity based on the report of warehouse. Some donors contribute monthly, whether in cash or non-cash. Some donors donate occasionally and we usually contact and remind them to do so. Sometimes they call the center and consider some items for the charity use, and send themfor kids. In short, we receive all kinds of help.
Girls in Hamdam are indeed grateful to all donors that are always with them, and pray for them to have hearts full of blessing.
God bless them.
Translated by: Raheleh Shariat 



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