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Social work unit
Social work unit
Social work is a profession base on science, art, skill, and aim that helps the client (person or group or community) to know his problems and his abilities then tries to solve them by using all available sources and facilities.
Social work is a science that social worker uses all his abilities to solve the available problem and shows the client despite having problems; he has many abilities and talents that he hasn’t noticed them and he can solve those problems by using his abilities. 
The principles of social work values:
Individuality + acceptance + creation of a professional relationship + professionalsecrecy + client’s attendance in activities and being independencein making decision + recognition of social work + control the social work’s emotions + respect to the client’s feelings + no prejudgment.
Hamdam rehabilitation charity does these supportive services for clients withthe help of the social work unit:
1. Health routine tests such as HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis and parasites are done for all children who are presented through welfare or justice bureau to ensure their health conditions. Afterwardsocial worker interviews with the client or his/her family based on psychological testing and then he determines their IQ and the special section for starting their new lives in this charity.
2. Set a time for clients to meet theirfamilies or getting a day off for them. The application forms and their health conditions will be checked before leaving and after coming back to the center by the physician and the nurse of this center.
3. Issuing birth certificate forabandoned children(clients who are without any guardians).
4. Sending children to the medical commission to determine the type and the percentage of their disability.
5. Issuing medical insurance and hospitalization card.
6. Coordination with the authorities, education experts and trainers to follow upthe health cares and determine the guardianfor girls.
7. Engage children in activities related to their new home.
8. Coordination of their presence in public places and recreation programs and camps.
9. Giving necessary awareness to the families for looking after their children is another part of the social work activities in this charity. It should be noted that the entirepaperwork related to the children is done by social work unit.

Translated by: Raheleh Shariat 


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