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The History of Rehabilitation in the World
Since the creation of mankind, the disease is always with him, and in this respect, a lot of therapeutic efforts have been made. This period of medical history is called curative medicine.
After the discovery of germs, microbes, bacteria, viruses, etc and consideration to the causes of most infectious diseases and the issue of vaccines and resulting immunities due to various reactions, most of the diseases such as smallpox, cholera, pestilence, etc were treated and eradicated. This era of medical history is called preventive medicine.
For several centuries, the flag request merely recognized these two periods. After World War I, and a poliomyelitis epidemic in America, due to the kingdoms of the world, especially Europe and America face a large number of disabled, medical science scholars and experts thought about the mental disabilities for them in order to hearten them and use their hidden man power in the interest of both the handicapped and the society.
The founder of the science, Dr. Edward Rusk, established the first rehabilitation center in Bell view Hospital in New York. Hereby, the new period in medicine called medical rehabilitation or physical medicine was originated.
Furthermore, the use of physical ways and equipments in the therapy of diseases date back to the ancient times. In earlier times, individuals weren’t acutely aware of physiological effects of heat, water, sun, massage, practices, and etc. However, they repetitively used them. In fact, the first attempts were probably made to alleviate pains and ailments through the use of physical ways which were easily accessible. 
After a period of time, and the progress in medicine, some of physicians and scientists empirically achieved very good results about the curative influences of heat, water, massage, and exercise. 
Although the course of this era has notreached to one century yet, technological advances and scientific innovations have astonished the whole world. The use of technology has made it possible for disabled people to enter in the fields of international competitions in almost all the games and sports, and those without legs can easily walk and operate with artificial limbs among healthy people that it is truly difficult to distinguish the disabled from non-disabled person. 
Translated by:abkhezr  (edited by:raheleh shariat) 


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