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The history of rehabilitation in Iran
Medical history and its education refer to the proximal synonymous and simultaneous with the emergence of the primary societies. The human of those times, at the time of disability, injury or illness, has tried to find ways to deal with them.  
From the very beginning, man used different methods and techniques to overcome his pain and discomfort. No doubt, the use of physical methods was one of the first things that needy man has taken advantage to relieve his discomfort and pain.
With reference to the scientific texts and books, we recognize that Avicenna, one of the first scientists, used physical therapy for his patients and visitors. He prescribed heat or massage for the pain of the spine. Furthermore, Hippocrates had found the useful results of massage and movement therapy in muscle and joint diseases.
Also, the use of mineral water has a long tradition. And even now, a group of people benefit from the beneficial properties of these waters to relieve most of their pain.
Rehabilitation in our country is based on a law approved and adopted by the regulatory authorities in 1968. The government has been responsible to create an association called the association of rehabilitation depending on the ministry of labor and social affairs for the resurgence and professional training and strengthening the spirit of those who are not be able to work because of disability or the loss of part of his ability. Prior to 1969, the association of rehabilitation didn’t have any independent treatment centers for evaluating or rehabilitating the disabled. Inevitably, to achieve this purpose, public and private treatment centers in the city were used. Finally, in 1969, ShafaYahyaian hospital for medical affairs of the disabled was transferred to the rehabilitation institute by the Ministry of Health. 
After the formation of the former Ministry of Social Welfare, Rehabilitation institute seceded from Labor and Social Affairs and it activated under the supervision of the mentioned ministry but independent and based on its ratification of the statute. Then in 1976, with the dissolution of the Ministry of Social Welfare, rehabilitation institute activated under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. And to the early of 1979, under the control of the Ministry, it performed acting duties. In early 1979, with the establishment of the State Welfare Organization, the Association of Rehabilitation separated from the Ministry of Health and merged in the Welfare organization as a rehabilitation department in the organization. In addition, the branch of rehabilitation has significant activities in all welfare institutes of all provinces, including offices and centers in order to expand rehabilitation in the country, according to the needs of the disabled people of our Islamic country, especially dear disabled of revolution and war.
It should be noted that for the first physiotherapy course at Tehran University, Ms. Marguerite Johnson of the World Health Organization was introduced to Iran as a therapy coach.
After that,in 1973, based on the proposal of rehabilitation institute, the faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences began to work with three majors (in B.A.) including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. 
In 1976, Audiology undergraduate degree was established in the faculty of rehabilitation Sciences which was taught at Beheshti University before. 
Also, in 1982, the college has attempted to recruit students who were trained first at the level of associate and then at the level of undergraduate in the field of orthotics and prosthetics.
Translated by:abkhezr  (edited by:raheleh shariat) 


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