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A status report of Hamdam Rehabilitation charity

Fatholmobin rehabilitation charity' was established by order of the then- govemor in 1977, with the land-area of 10.000 square meters. In the beginning, the institute began its work with 60 mentally retarded girls. In 2001 , the type of its administration changed into board directory.

The members of this board were all benevolent and charitable. They did so many significant actions such as commissioning of air conditioning and ventilation systems and laundry equipment and they also exploited "shahid shaahid building" in four floors with the land area of 4000 square meters. In 2005, the fatholmobin Rehabilitation charity became independent from the social welfare organization and was donated to the board under the name of "A charity supporting people with disabilities".

The board of the directors consists of seven main members and two vice ones:
1- Akbar saberi(Head of the board)
2- Hamid tayyebi (Vice president)
3- Zahra hojjat (Executive manager)
4- mohammad chupankare(Board of Directors)
5- Aliakbar Alizade (Board of Directors)
6- Ahmad Shaahid (Board of Directors)
7- Morteza Adibi (Board of Directors)

At the foundation, this institute had 186 clients and 93 afficial staffswhich now tum to 398clients and 150 official staffs. (It should be mentioned that all the clients are girls). And it should be mentioned that 254 volunteer members cooperate with this center are divided into four subsets in the age of 4 to 60 :
1- Isolate (Deep mentally retarded)
2- Educable (Moderate mentally retarded)
3- Trainable (Mild mentally retarded)
4- Trainable in the age of 4 to 12)
5- Student dormitory (for students of elementary school, guidance school, and high school)

In order to achieve maximum physical and mental ability, these clients have been provided with different rehabilitation services such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and participating in art workshops such as, kilim-weaving, needle-lace, and purl works.

Such activities and workshops are very expensive and costly. They cost 10.000.000 Rials for each client monthly. Subsides from Social Welfare Organization aren't enough for these costs. So the rest is provided by public assistance.


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