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Conference hall
In the center of Hamdam charity where is near to the residence of 400 abandoned girls, a hall has been made to raise money for supporting and rehabilitation programs for these girls. Since 2005, this charity has been directed by the board of trustees, so the good things have been occurring, including the reconstruction and development of this hall by the efforts of donors and members of the supervisory board, especially Mr. Choupankare. This hall with appropriate equipment and facilities is ready to host legal and real personalities for holding seminars, conferences, cultural and artistic events. We invite organizations, agencies and all of our friends who need a nice and appropriate place to hold their ceremonies in one hand, and on the other hand to serve the girls who live in this charity.
The Governor of Khorasan Razavi advised to make a profit of allcapacitiesof Hamdam conference hall.
                                                                         In the name of God
On the celebration of the Iran Islamic Revolution, we have attended at the opening of the conference hall to see all efforts of the managers of this charity.
This hall is an opportunity for government organizations and NGOs have charitable plans and hold their conferences in this hall and finally be shared in the cost of supporting these innocent girls.
We hope that considering humanitarian culture, along with all the responsible ones, be able to take advantage of all facilities of this hall. God willing
Ali Reza Rashidian
This main hall is set to provide 600 square meters with a capacity of 420 people that is expandable up to 460 people. The height of the walls is 5 m and it is changeable to 3.5 m based on the type of seating arrangement. Seats are numbered. The walls are covered with sound insulation and they are equipped with heating and cooling system, so the hall has welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.
Sound system
The sound system in this hall includes an audio mixerBehringer x 32 and 8 megaphones 15 satellite inch 1100 watts, RAM for making turbo sound and 4 subs 18 inch turbo sound. In order to reinforce the sound of megaphones, 4 large subs are installed in the hall. There are 6 sound monitor (15-inch) on the stageto enhance the sound quality of the musical instruments in live performances. In addition, there is the possibility of covering 32 voice lines along with recording 32 separate audio tracks.By using the available audio facilities in this hall we can cover two live concerts at the same time, according the type of mixer and the storage of sound check which has been offered by the leader of the music group. In addition to these features, recording and playback of music concerts and recording multi audio tracks to analyze and turning down or up the sound levels and mastering sounds are possible. The full audio coverage outside the hall, including the reception hall, corridors, lobby, kitchen and toilets is possible too. We can output the sound as a single lane and as a master for imaging groups as well.
Mobile stage
The stage of this hall has 11 meters depth, 12 meters wide, and 10 meters diameter. This stage is controlled and directed by mechanical systems (gear and powerful motor) and through the electronic systems and expert technical machinery team (stage installation) and it turns 180 degrees within 3 minutes. In addition, it is possible to stopthe stage with any degree that is needed there. The floor of the stage is made of raw 25-mm MDF and it is covered with Korean 3-mm floor covering.
The stage is divided into two equal parts through a curtain. However, it is possible to provide L-shaped space by the curtain of using three-quarters of this space. Dancing light and unique lighting are availablein this part. At the end of the stage or middle part of it, according to your choice, a white curtain covers the whole wall and it can be used to display images and color effects.In addition, there is a waiting room for the presenter to coordinate easily and having access to the control room and it provides to deliver voice to the hall.
Image system
The hall is equipped with a movie video projection, which hasa Panasonic movie lensand a movie screen with a size of 4.5 meters long and 6 meters wide to show trailers, video clips, movies, and etc. The image of stage and host and guests can be displayedon this screen too.
Lighting system
The hall has TV, festival and theater lighting system. There are 4 optical rows for the stage to change the background color that 2 rows are in the front of the stage and 2 other rows are installed inside and on the top of the stage. Other features of this lightening system include: 2 foalo light and white circle light, solar laser, 2 650-light for the stage, Meding vapor fog laser (in order to play on the stage), flasher, teddy laser, point laser, solar laser, LED, LED touch screen.
There are 133 lamps in the hall. Ceilings and pillars have inside hidden light. The color of the walls will be changed according different programs. The entrance hall has impressive illumination and it makes gusts more cheerful. There is fog or vapor in the middle part of the wall of the stage and stairs have hidden light to commuteeasier inside the hall in the darkness.
Control room
The control room is equipped with the following capabilities:
Soundtrack, light dimmer, sound division, VCD, light keyboard, 32-channel sound mixer with, 36-channel light mixers, and light DMX.
Safety equipment
This Hall is one of the few equipped private halls in Mashhad city that has all facilities of a standard hall. The hall has two main entrance doors and 6 emergency exit doors. The entrance hall is separate from the charity building. The floor is covered with fireproof carpet. This place is equipped with the fire alarm system and the standard fire safety systemis located outside.
Reception hall
This hall has 128 seats, with beautiful and pleasant atmosphere that is equipped with 16 emergency lights. This separate place is considered for entertaining guests and it is connected to catering section which has heaters and coolers for providing food and drink for a large number of people. In addition, it is equipped with washing machine to wash 1,200 dishes in about an hour.
Hamdam art gallery
This art gallery with an area of 20 x 20 meters is located behind the main hall, with two entrance and exit doors, and it has some facilities such as WIFI and floor heating system. This is an appropriate place for exhibition, charity bazaar, etc.
Make-up room
This room is located behind the stage and it has two large drawers for artists to get ready and 10 dressers keep personal clothes and 4 large dressers for keeping and collecting all prepared clothes of make-up room. There is a wheelchair ramp leads to the stage. It is possible to welcome our guests in this room.
This room is in the front of themakeup room and it has separate restroom so guests can take a rest and relax.
Prayer hall
Outside the banquet hall, there is a beautiful mosque with traditional architecture and magnificent design and lattice wooden window; it brings peace and calmness to dearest prayers. 
Café Sayeh 
This small resort with comfortable and beautiful benches provides a simple and quiet space for dear guests for having sincerely and friendly chat with each other.
Time of office work, reception of banquet hall is ready to reserve, coordination, response to questions etc.
Translated by: Raheleh Shariat 


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