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Everyone acts different; one is stormy and restless inside, but should laugh and be quiet, someone is so happy but should cry and be sad. One act the role of a tearful mother and the other acts the role of a little frightened girl...And life passes its way slowly without anyone knows what's going on and what will happen! We can perform a drama on the stage of life...Laugh...And make people laugh… weep and make people weep…
Hamdam charity has a drama group since October 2013. A group should be seen, to prove the capabilities and perhaps to forget some scenes and impressions...The trainer of this group is"ZeinabDehghani" who has studied cinema and is a compassionate friend for children. She wants to do great things and prove to all that no restrictions cannot underestimate the ability of our girls.
After selecting talented girls of this charity she started to introduce drama to them. Writers and great actors of Mashhad were invited to cooperate and help our young actors to be proactive. Ms. Dehghani says: “It wasn’t easy to introduce drama for these girls and make them interested in it. They must be released from their situation, totally free and then they could put themselves in different situations and roles. In the first, we taught them body movement, speech and emotion. However, the job was difficult because they did whatever they wanted.
In earlier work, the children became tired too quickly and couldn’t communicate with drama. In fact, they didn’t have a good understanding about that. So we took them to see some performances in Mashhad to communicate with drama and be inspired with acting in drama. The attendance and guidance of Mr. QotboddinSadeghi and Mr. HedayatHashemiin Hamdamwas really effective. Of course, effective participation and contribution of Mr. Hassan Sani who has graduated from Tehran University, is commendable. He strongly encouraged me and my group during this project.”
Ms. Dehghani believes: “In our country, the number of disabled children who play drama is very less, because memorizing the dialogue and expressing emotionsis very difficult and special abilities are needed. Although our girls had a difficult start point, but gradually realized that they can act, they were so enthusiastic and they believed themselves. It plays an important role in increasing their confidence. It should prove to them that they have enough abilities so they can act just like normal people. Acting is one of the hardest worksin the world. The children can determine their own goals in life. In addition, the seriousness of the trainer doesn’t mean they are disabled so they can’t act very well while the seriousness of the trainer and hardworking of actors are in the nature of drama.”
Hamdam drama group has performed many times. Mahtab is main actors of these performances and her acting is really effective. The director of Islamic culture by visiting Hamdam and our girls’ performance considered a saloon for our teamwork and encouraged us to continue. For the first time, Hamdam drama participated in a local festival and the performance of 17 girls with mental and physical disabilities was evaluated by a jury in 2013. At the end of this program, ToktamFarid sang a beautiful song.
The audience was full of praise for the performance of both drama and solo, so that in the end, the audiences stood up and even the jury and encouraged the girls of Hamdam.Hamdam drama group is included Toktam, Mahtab, Maryam Shadkani, Maryam Javdani, Vida Shah Hosseini, ZohreSoleymani, and ShimaSafarian (who is so interested in acting but now is working in back stage). They are hopeful for the future, to be present in local and also international festivals not only for handicapped people. Puppet theater performance is another project by Hamdam girls. We hope that with planning and support stars and experts in this field, they shine very soon. 
Stay on the eve of spring waiting for good news...
Translated by: Nazanin Sharifi  (edited by:Raheleh Shariat) 


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