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Physical Education
Physical Education in Hamdam charity
Physical education for disabled people
The importance of physical education and daily exercise is significant, especiallyfor disabled people.
Exercise for disabled people is different and it is dependent on the type of disability of each person and what part of the body has deformity and disability.
The importance of exercise in rehabilitation centers
Daily exercise is significant and essential for people with specific disabilities, for example, patients with paraplegia, cerebral palsy. They need daily exercise to maintain flexibility and muscular strength. In these patients, intensity and duration of exercise should be determined according the type of their deformity which is really important.
Physical education atHamdam rehabilitation center
This center has various sports facilities so all clients can do different kind of sports activities. Sports such as: basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, cycling, gymnastics, drawstring, and chess.When a disabled person performs an exercise program, it shows that she wants to manage her time to do daily exercise,therefore she is eager to make a positive change in herself.
Contrary to popular belief, people with intellectual disability are not deprived of intelligence and memory, and all of them do not have physical disorders.In people with intellectual disability, natural and necessary imbalance in their emotional and sensory motor is remarkable.So it should be noted that any disruptive factors such as stress, anger leads to stuntthe growth of mental activity in these people.
Translated by: Raheleh Shariat 


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