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In the medical commission classificationof Social Welfare Bureauan isolated department is included handicapped with deep MR (IQ: 0→ 20-25) and severe MR (IQ: 20-25→ 35-40). In order to improve and promote the organization's goals and attitudes of all people toward disability and disabled people the isolated department has been renamed to ‘Saray-e Mehr’ in this charity.
Now in ‘Saray-e Mehr’there are 64 disabled girls 8 to 64 years who are not able to perform the basic life skills due to severe mental and physical disabilities. Staff who are working in this sectionare called as "Madaryar" and they are responsible for keeping these girls and feeding, bathing, moving them.
Despite the profound disabilities in these girls due to the nature of any rehabilitation center we always try to improve their least abilities, therefore special rehabilitation programs have been developed with the participation of experts and "motor rehabilitation" is one of these programs that is performed under monitoring an occupational therapist and instructor of physical education continuously, and each of the girls due to health problems-motor has its own program; for example,one of the girls that was constantly kept in the bed, now is really better with advanced training and using mobility aids and we hope that in the near future be able to walk independently.
Other rehabilitation programs, is "education rehabilitation" that under scientific scrutiny of psychology experts at this center, a number of girls were selected and participate in educational programs daily and early cognitive training, cognitive therapy, play therapy, and… are done for them.Psychologist evaluates their progress and after verification, training and advanced process are begun.
Zeinab, one of the girls in this section with higher IQ participate in classes of sewing crafts such as needlework in the morning.
Translated by: Nazanin Sharifi  (edited by:raheleh shariat) 


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