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Hamdam’s music and singing group
The laughter is always heard from our house, of course, sometimes crying, like all the houses. But our house is a little different! Here, all know sorrow, when they want to cry, music and singing do not allow the heart of anyone to be sad… then, nostalgia is gone. Your lips open and close involuntary among other girls, unconsciously you are singing, you are whispering and you become calm.
The girls of this charity are really talented. They know how to weave Gilim, make flower, filigree, and some other works very well. They have a very good music group too; ToktamFarid, NargesAsadabadi, Maryam Javdani, Maryam Shadkani, ShaghayeghGeramiyan, and Mahtab Al-e-Abasiyanare choruses in “Ava musical group” that delight everyone. Both MaryamJavdani and Maryam Shadkani play tambourine masterly.
Ms. Naqavi is wise and affable music teacher who has taught our gilrs since 2011.
She practices with the girls three days a week. She says: “I began to teach them the basic lessons and then I made them to sing some sounds and listen carefully. Little bylittle they listened and sang more carefully.”
Ms. Naqavi with a good mastery in her job has organized a group of singers, typically one that performs in public. It means the girls have learned to sing as a chorus. Although it was really hard, but the girls were successful with their music teacher and now they have divided into two groups; “suprano” and “alto”. Most of the times they work on pop music and sometimes they play traditional too. Children have vocal solo beside their teamwork.
“Jane Maryam”, “RosvayeZamaneh”, “Gol-e Goldoon”, “Morgh-e Sahar”, and a few pleasant team works are result of days practicing with girls. They perform in various celebrations and events especially when our dear guests visit this charity, and what a memorable moment to welcome our friends with a sweet song...
Mr. Hossein Kamali, musician and violin teacher, teaches our girls for years. He said: “Collaboration with this charity is one of the greatest my honors because I get peace from this place. This place is one of the holiest sites in the world. I remember the day that I was weary of life and so angry… I walked to Hamdamand I calmed down among children ... endless peace.”
Mr. MostafaLalShateriis Mr. Kamali’s close friend, He is profession in playing percussioninstruments like tambourine, Tombak, Naqareh, udu (percussion pot). He trains our girls for honor since 2001. He says: “My presence among these children is a grace of God. Although, this kind of education to children is really difficult, but whenever they learn the simplest techniques, it seems to me that I’ve obtained the whole world… training Neda who is only 5 years old brings me all hope in my life.”
“Toktam” talented and blind girl of Hamdam’s music and singing group can see and know everyone by hearing their sounds. Even by the tone of your voice, she can recognize you are happy or sad today. Whenever she is alone, you can hear her voice, she is singing for the heart of all girls…
She also plays timpani (kettledrum).Everone loves her singing; her friends, our staff, and our visitors.
The master Abbas Ali Khammar, Khorasani artist and musician, gets along with the girls of this charity for many years. The Miracle of his kind fingers pat our girls’ hearts and give them love, just like when he plays the violin bow. Patting and playing musical instruments are his art. The girls of this charity, loves him whole-heartedly.
If one day, you feel dismal just come to our house, our girls will invite you music and they will sing for you, then, you feel better. It is the miracle of their lovely song, their sweet kindness...
Translated by:zohre peyravi  (edited by:raheleh shariat) 


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