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Public relations
What is public relations?
Public relations is a continuous, ongoing and planned through which individuals and organizations are trying to understand and support those who handle them and in fact is part of the management and in most cases it plays the role of thinker brain, beating heart, executive hand, progressive foot, receptive ears, discerning eye, explanatorytonguein the management.
The activity which is done by public relations;according the theoretical perspective of knowledge is “communication”,in practical and executive aspect is “practice”, and from the creative and aesthetic aspect is “art” and is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization. Public relations is indeed an alert network, database, mastermind of every organization and institution that in this respect one of the most important thing for the establishment of an efficient public relations systemis to fulfill its duties under the highest authority of the organization.
Public relations specialists establish and maintain relationships with an organization's target audience, the media, and other opinion leaders. They must have knowledge of communication skills, psychology, social psychology, sociology, economics, management principles and creative science in general and in particular forthe management in the institute they must have an adequate knowledge to attract participation in the societyand identify new methods to collect information, writing news releases and other content for news and feature articles, working with the press to inform all peopleand designing communications campaigns in order to provide constructive solutions by members and the policy will be the absolute authority of directors of the institute.
The main duties of the public relations team in Hamdam charity
- Having the direct and continuous communication with the authorities and providing the report of activities.
- Collect any needed news and information by telephone, verbal or corresponding communication and virtual networks.
- Direct communication with the public, press, news agencies, and media.
- Check all presented material in the media and the public in connection with the direct and indirect activities of the institute in order to inform, reflect and respond if necessary.
- Public relations and communication with other institutions and state organizations as necessary through the use of appropriate communication tools.
- Providing a good communication between donors and staff by holding meetings, interviews, organizing lectures and visiting the charity.
- Support, analyze and explain the importance of the institute's activities and future plans in order to inform the public.
- To inform benefactors, organizations and related institutions about all activities, programs and projects of the institute.
- Publish official and non-official publication for contacts.
- To set up various exhibitions and participate in other exhibitions and representthe girls’ achievements of this charity.
- Interact and cooperate with the monitoring organization (welfare bureau) and fulfill the rules and regulations issued by the institute.
- Run and provide services and various cultural, advertising and artistic programs in cooperation with other relevant experts.
- Participation and planning, organize seminars, conferences, exhibitions by government agencies and nongovernmental organizations in the conference hall of the institute.
- Implementation of other related matters which, by necessity, be referred by the highest authority of the institute.
Translated by: Raheleh Shariat 


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